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Like many companies, Diversified Communications, publisher of SeaFood Business magazine, analyzes business opportunities it would like to pursue. Last year, we undertook an extensive study on how news was being consumed by our audiences and the results showed that in order to better serve our growing global audience with the seafood information they need, we in turn need to focus more on daily and global delivery of news, pricing and trends. So as the seafood industry evolves, so must we and part of that change is to incorporate the brand of SeaFood Business magazine into to better serve the global marketplace.

You will still be able to access the in-depth analysis offered by SeaFood Business stories within For many, the print edition of SeaFood Business is a trusted and informative magazine that was delivered monthly and now that information will be available on a daily basis. We thank you for your support over the past 33 years and we look forward to continuing to deliver the best and most trusted information to the seafood industry via

SeaFood Business

SeaFood Business

Volume Vol. 25 Edition No. 11

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  • CatfishDomestic production falls, as imports continue to rise
  • Studies tout health benefits of seafood and downplay risks
  • Hillman accused of hiring illegal aliens
  • HalibutPrices have hit new highs, but cost hasn't yet put a major dent in demand
  • Wild salmonAs Alaska moves toward higher-value products, the West Coast braces for another lost season
  • TilapiaPopular farmed whitefish a serious contender on the U.S. top-10 seafood list
  • Atlantic salmonWith farmed salmon in demand, buyers look to Canada
  • American lobsterValue-added products represent opportunity to expand market
  • SwordfishDemand for swordfish plateaus, while landings and imports decline
  • Yellowfin tunaDemand remains strong, but the uncertainty of Mother Nature and increased fuel costs make pricing unpredictable
  • CrabsNo relief in sight for snow crab until Alaska's Bering Sea fishery picks up
  • King crabThis high-end crustacean's popularity is soaring, but there may be trouble on the horizon
  • MusselsBoth blue and greenshell markets are poised for growth
  • ClamsCatcher-processors anticipate a possible shift in traditional surf clam grounds
  • Surimi seafoodProducers focus on quality and consumer education to expand the analog market
  • Pacific white shrimpVannamei is plentiful, thanks to Asia's production spike and Ecuador's recovery from white-spot
  • Sea scallopsLarger meats bolstered the market, but a new area opening may net bigger landings in all sizes for 2007
  • Bay scallopsChinese imports keep bay scallop market steady
  • ShrimpWhether you're buying black tigers or Gulf browns, there's plenty of shrimp to go around


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