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Editor's Note: Let's be 'friends'

Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher/Editor
November 01, 2010

With this issue we launch into another social media vehicle, Facebook. While we've been on Twitter for more than a year, we recently launched our Facebook page. Here you'll find outtakes from interviews, additional photos taken that were not used in the magazine and occasionally some pictures of our staff.

There seem to be a few different camps in the social media realm: totally addicted, reluctant follower or rabid anti-social media. I'd categorize myself in the middle. While I didn't see the benefits in the beginning, I'm now realizing how to use social media wisely, such as surfing for feature story ideas or looking at seafood-related stories that people we're following are posting. The companies that regularly tweet the same marketing lines about their products I generally dismiss.

You can use social media to your advantage, but define your goals first because you can spend a lot of time being pulled away from your main objective - buying or selling seafood. You can even use social media to keep on top of updates from companies entrenched in sustainability certifications of farmed seafood, the theme of this issue. Read James Wright's Top Story to find out more about the Global Aquaculture Alliance's and Aquaculture Stewardship Council's growing business of certifying farmed seafood. Feel free to DM or Tweet us your opinion (or revert to old-fashioned e-mail).

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