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Equipment Focus: Packaging

Vacuum-packing capabilities answer demand for fresh, safe seafood attractively presented

September 01, 2006

Freshness is consumers' No. 1 concern when it comes to buying seafood (see SFB's Retail Survey, page 20). And packaging plays a key role 
in ensuring a safe and wholesome product, whether it's case-ready fillets or bulk packs of IQF shrimp. The packaging industry has developed high-tech processes and materials to extend shelf life with modified- and controlled-atmosphere packaging and shrink wraps that can be printed with colorful graphics to add visual appeal. Here's a sampling of state-of-the-art packaging options for fresh, 
frozen and prepared seafood.

Cryovac's case-ready

packs ensure freshness

The Cryovac Food Packaging Divi­sion of Sealed Air Corp., known for introducing Bubble Wrap® in 1960, has added case-ready options to its line of fresh fish packaging. Cryovac modified-atmosphere-pack­aging systems feature Avery Dennison TT Sensor™ time-temperature indicators to let retailers know if a product has experienced temperature abuse. Once activated, the TT Sensor™ changes color from yellow to pink at a pre-determined rate based on temperature 
exposure. To further enhance the 
appeal of MAP case-ready seafood, Sealed Air introduced Cryovac® Multi-Loc™ absorbent pads. Made of non-woven material on both sides, the pads provide an absorbent, slide-resistant solution for single fillets in the seafood case. They also absorb purge. Multi-Loc™ pads are available in black or white and in a range of custom sizes to fit the footprint of the tray. Cryovac's 10K OTR Darfresh® vacuum-skin package for fresh and frozen fish and shrimp meets Food and Drug Admin­is­tration oxygen-permeability standards and its skintight fit prevents 
surface dehydration and freezer burn. This enables processors and retailers to employ a freeze-and-slack-out 
option. The package is leak-resistant, prevents product purge and minimizes the risk of cross contamination. Darfresh® package allows an unobstructed view of the product before purchase and is ideal for marinated or pre-seasoned fish.

Cryovac/Sealed Air

Duncan, S.C.

(800) 846-3456



OKI retools automatic

packaging systems

The OKI Group manufactures and installs complete bulk packing 
lines and bag/pouch handling 
systems for fresh and frozen seafood. The com pany has redesigned its integrated Packaging Auto­ma­tion Systems, in­cluding the Super­sealer SS2 hot air bag sealer for seafood. The SS2's stainless- steel construction, advanced airflow and push-button controls ensure performance in demanding applications. The low-maintenance unit is 
also completely washable. The Super­sealer SS2 withstands cold and wet environments and creates a tight seal every time.

OKI also redesigned its Super­former series stainless-steel case erectors and bottom tapers. These compact, in-line machines are supplied with a low-level, easy-load, powered case magazine with low-case and no-case alarms, an electronic case-squaring system and taping heads with low-tape and no-tape alarms. With the user-friendly Super­former, operators can accomplish a three-dimensional size change in about one minute, making the machine suitable for very short production runs.

OK International Corp.

Marlborough, Ma ss.

(877) OKI-CORP



Multivac offers full

vac-pack solution

Multivac, whose North American headquarters is in Kansas City, Mo., offers consultation, technical design, sales, distribution and service for a full line of packaging systems. The company is now offering incentive pricing for its versatile B400 and B500 vacuum chamber systems together with its SE130 steam shrink tunnels as a complete packaging solution. The combination provides an economical and efficient packaging line. Ideal for a wide range of large-volume vacuum-pouch and shrink-bag applications, the B400 and B500 belted chamber systems are height-adjustable, equipped with biactive water-cooled seal bars and are wash-down hygienic. The SE130 shrink tunnels enable users to save up to 65 percent on power and water consumption by recirculating heat and steam.

Multivac also offers its horizontal thermoform fill-seal (TFFS) machinery integrated with Ircon MAXLINE® two-thermal-seal inspection technology. The systems combine Multivac's industry-leading rollstock packaging technology with Ircon's thermal imaging and monitoring capabilities, enabling high-speed packaging and 100 percent non-destructive seal inspection without slowing production, lowering the likelihood of customers receiving out-of-spec items.


Kansas City, Mo.

(800) 800-8552



Robbie launches

shrink polyolefin bags

Robbie Manufacturing has produced perforating film for wrapping food and other products since 1970. With a state-of-the-art facility of more than 94,000 square feet, Robbie is a leader in printed shrink films, bags and pouches for demanding applications used by supermarkets and food pro­cessors.

Robbie's new Promo­­Bag® shrink polyolefin bag is an all-plastic alternative to paperboard sleeves or film and labels. PromoBag® offers a larger printable area and is lower in cost and labor than paperboard sleeves. The leak-resistant package can be printed with 10-color line or process print for a quality photographic presentation of your product, ideal for fresh or frozen seafood and prepared foods. Printing is available on all sides of the package. Bags are leak-resistant, so they remain attractive in the case, and have a durable seal that prevents tampering.

Robbie Manufacturing Lenexa, Kan.

(800) 255-6328



Rollstock vac-pack units

reliable, affordable

Rollstock offers low-priced, fully 
automatic machines for modified-
atmosphere and controlled-atmosphere packaging. MAP and CAP technology inhibits bacterial growth and oxidative rancidity by removing O2 and reduces weight loss from dehydration. Manufactured in the United States, Rollstock® vacuum packaging machines come in a variety of web widths, from 285 mm to 459 mm. They feature programmable PLC controls with readable diagnostics and a vacuum leak-check program. The guided chain system's automatic tensioning reduces stretch and wear. Dies are manufactured from solid-aluminum block and lifted by a triple-knee lever system, driven by a 4-inch air cylinder with variable height control. Included are training and a one-year or 1-million-cycle warranty. Available accessories include flying or guillotine cross-cut knife systems, hole punching, photo electric registration, code dating, auto labeling and gas flushing for CAP or MAP.

The RZ-200 Zipper Packaging Machine is designed for seafood products that require a reclosable package. A proven, simple zipper system developed by Pro-Pac Services is built into the Rollstock machine, making most parts interchangeable. At 18 feet, it is less than half the length of most zipper machines. Starting at $189,000, the RZ-200 is also about half the cost.


Kansas City, Mo.

(888) 314-2152



Scott's BOSS machines

handle jobs of all sizes

S cott Process Equipment and Controls is the only North American supplier of German-
engineered BOSS vacuum-packaging machines. Scott provides three standard types of rugged, stain- less-steel vac-pak units, 
all with optional gas flush. The tabletop model is a space-saver for operations producing small to medium-sized packages. It features a 
single- or double-seal bar. Stand­alones are designed for medium-scale operations and have wheels for easy maneuvera-
bility. Also equipped with a single- or double-seal bar, these can vac-pak one to two packages at a time. The double chamber model handles large packages requiring quick lead time and features double-seal bars. Scott also provides BOSS vacuum packaging lines that include conveyors, dip tanks and drying stations. Machines also can be made to customer specifications.

Scott Process Equipment and Controls

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

(905) 607-5507



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