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Equipment Focus: Computer systems

Software programs keep producers up to date on inventory and customer labeling requirements

By Fiona Robinson
December 01, 2006

It's almost impossible for any company in this digital age 
to operate without a reliable computer system. Seafood shipments need to be tracked from the time they arrive at your back door to when they get shipped to your customers. Losing product, mislabeling it or delivering it late can cost money and jeopardize your customer relationships.

A variety of software systems has been designed 
specifically with seafood processors' and distributors' needs closely in mind. These technologies allow small 
to medium-sized operators to provide key information required by buyers and regulatory agencies and also help with in-house record keeping. Here are five different 
systems that can keep your business running like a 
well-oiled machine.

Astra software 
automates distribution

Astra Information Systems' Advance Availability Assessment (A3) eliminates fresh-seafood distributors' need for white-board inventory tracking by integrating incoming and outgoing product orders for real-time inventory assessment. A3 calculates and displays product availability, based on incoming purchase orders, product lead time, open sales orders, 
current available inventory, production orders, yields and production requirements.

Astra automates the cutting room with its Point of Scale module, which interfaces the scales used by cutters and packers directly with the sales orders that are driving the production and packing process. Operators can scan a bar-coded picking/cutting ticket or select products off a screen list. The system prints a customized product label with country-of-origin information and customer, truck route and weight details. The weights are electronically fed back to the original sales order for billing, eliminating manual keypunch time 
and errors.

To streamline deliveries and reduce trucking costs, there's the Windows-based Astra Graphical Truck Routing module, which interfaces with the Astra Sales Order Processing module. By adding barcode scanning at truck loading, the program ensures no orders are missed.

Astra Information Systems

Weston, Fla.

(800) 305-5567 ext. 111



Computer Associates updates ERP software 
with BI Enterprise

Computer Associates has added an innovative business analysis tool to its industry-specific Seasoft ERP software. BI Enterprise is a flexible and intuitive business intelligence solution that provides an interactive and graphical tool for accessing and analyzing customer sales, inventory, financial data and other key performance indicators (KPI).

By displaying this information as intuitive dashboard objects, organizations can quickly identify business trends, respond effectively to changing issues, generate standardized reports from multiple sources, monitor progress toward goals and diagnose a business' overall organizational health.

Computer Associates has also developed the Seasoft Production Packing Interface, a complete solution that meets all of the requirements of a state-of-the-art seafood production department. The interface takes Seasoft's production packing software, production-ready, touch-screen workstations, fully integrated electronic scales and bar code label printers direct to the production floor. The result is more efficient and profitable production processing, accurate production yields and the elimination of manually entered shipped weights for every order.

Computer Associates Inc.

Smithfield, R.I.

(800) 422-4782



Net•Yield v.5.0 
unveiled this month

Net•Yield software handles weight-based, lot-controlled inventory management for both large and small seafood companies. First offered to the seafood industry in 1989, Net•Yield has developed into a completely integrated platform that can run an entire business, including sales and purchasing, inventory, shipping, processing and accounting/reporting.

Version 5.0 of the Net•Yield software is scheduled for release this month and features advanced merchandising tools that let the sales department send advertisements, price lists and other communications to their customers via e-mail and fax.

The software provides many unique tools that are needed in the fast-paced seafood marketplace, such as complete lot traceability, the ability to sell product in advance of receipt, highly accurate daily margin reporting and calculation of actual "yields" during processing. Other industry standard tools include country-of-origin labeling, and automated data exports for the National Marine Fish-
eries Services' S.A.F.I.S. (Standard Atlantic Fisheries Information System).

The software is available for purchase or rental and runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. A free trial download is available from the company's Web site or by calling (800) 352-6463.


Plymouth, Mass.

(800) 352-6463



Design & Data 
to introduce 
Fishmonger Plus™

Fishmonger Plus™, a Java-based Windows version of the Fishmon-ger enterprise, is scheduled for release by Disc, Design & Data (DDD) in 2007. The new software was developed using the AddonSoftware™ Rapid Development Environment in conjunction with AddonSoftware™ of Beaverton, Ore., the company's new strategic partner.

The Fishmonger™ enterprise resource planning software has been managing seafood companies since DDD was founded in 1978. In addition to its secure and feature-rich accounting and inventory interface, the software seamlessly integrates total business control with real-time yield processing, sales and order management and lot control. Fishmonger™ is in full compliance with all government record keeping and reporting requirements for shellfish tracking, country of origin and method of production.

Paperless office functionality has been enhanced to add automatic electronic delivery of all customer and vendor paperwork by e-mail or fax across the Internet, eliminating wasteful paper copies when-
ever possible. Extensive yet simple configuration options give the 
user total control of document delivery options as well as internal document archiving for all Fishmonger™ documents.

Disc Design & Data

Northfield, Ill.

(847) 501-6570



WiseFish v. 4.02 
ideal for small to 
medium-sized producers

With the latest release of WiseFish Version 4.02, small to medium-sized producers can harness the wealth of information available from their automation investments in an out-of-the-box solution previously only available to large companies that can afford to build complex, custom systems.

WiseFish offers a standard interface that integrates Marel and other leading automation hardware and software for data capture on the plant floor. The new version of WiseFish also incorporates production registration and track and trace capabilities and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV corporate finance and accounting system. This enables companies to work with abstracted data from production systems across multiple departments and locations without being 
faced with the drawback of either slowing system performance or manually consolidating summarized data.

The new version of Wise Fish
allows companies to deploy a strategic management solution to serve all critical business divisions.

Maritech Software


(877) 394-3474



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