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Shrimp dominates entertainment options

Retail platter subcategory declines 7.4 percent

platters - Photo courtesy of Contessa Fine Food Products

November 01, 2007

The demand for party fare will increase with the holidays fast approaching, and seafood typically plays an important role on consumers' entertainment menu.

Platters account for a small share of total seafood department dollars, contributing 2.6 percent during the 52 weeks ending July 28. Nationally, the subcategory averaged $135 
in weekly sales, declining 7.4 percent from 
the same period the 
previous year.

Typically purchased for entertaining, platter sales are highest during the winter holiday weeks. Sales for the subcategory enjoyed a steady climb beginning in early December and peaked Christmas week, with weekly sales averaging $601 per store. Platter sales also spiked during Thanksgiving week in late November and the Super Bowl week in early February. Weekly subcategory sales reached an annual low of $74 the week ending on July 21.

During the 52 weeks ending July 28, average weekly sales were highest in the East at $193 per store, while the dollar contribution was highest in the Central region at 3.6 percent. All regions declined in average weekly sales and contribution to department compared to the previous year. The South saw the sharpest decline in average weekly sales, decreasing by 14.5 percent compared to the previous year. The West reported the smallest decline in average weekly dollar sales at 1.2 percent.

Nationally, shrimp platters accounted for the largest share of average weekly sales for the platter subcategory with 96.2 percent of total category sales during the 52 weeks ending July 28. Seafood/fish platters represented the second highest average at 2.5 percent followed by "other" platters at 1.1 percent and crab platters at 0.3 percent.

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