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Editor's Note: We’ve been hard at work

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By Fiona Robinson, Editor in Chief
January 01, 2007

As you may have already realized, there are quite a few changes with this issue of SeaFood Business . The first thing you'll notice is the design orchestrated by Laura Dobson, who was recently promoted to art director. The clean lines and fresh colors produce a package that enhances the editorial content and is pleasing to the eye. After you take a look through the issue, I'm sure you'll agree Laura's promotion is 
well deserved.

The design supports the magazine's important role of providing news and analysis for seafood buyers. Our mission statement on the cover says it all: Your Authority on Buying and Selling Seafood. This mission has been voiced internally by the editorial staff for many years. With every story we ask, "What does this mean for the buyer or seller?" The time is right to reinforce this statement with our readers.

Part of our editorial mission is to re-evaluate the articles in SFB . This issue marks the debut of International Sourcing. While domestic species are very important to our readers, many seafood buyers are sourcing seafood globally. Every other month we'll highlight a foreign country that contributes significantly to the U.S. seafood supply. This issue looks at Iceland, which is playing an increasingly important role for U.S. buyers looking for a sustainable whitefish resource.

This International Sourcing column alternates with Processing & Services, which is a primer on the processing techniques and services most relevant in today's business climate. In February you'll read about companies that are working to extend shelf life by incorporating new products on the processing line.

Another editorial change is Top 10 Species. This updated feature, formerly called Species Focus, highlights species on the top 10 U.S. per capita seafood consumption list. This issue's Pollock/Surimi article is No. 4 on the 2004 list.

Professionals in this industry are never short on opinion. We're devoting a monthly Point of View column to share these opinions with our readers. This month Robert Jones, executive director of the Southeastern Fisheries Association, discusses the state of species substitution at Florida seafood vendors and restaurants.

You'll still see many of the features and columns that our readers depend upon, including Top Story, Newsline, Market Report, Trend Watch, In the Kitchen, Case Study and One on One. We've just dressed them up a bit.

Welcome to the new SFB , and as always, I welcome your feedback. Drop me a line at frobinson@divcom.com and tell me what you think.



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