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By Fiona Robinson, Editor in Chief
February 01, 2007

This issue marks the launch of a new feature, Processing 
& Services, written by SeaFood Business Contributing 
Editor Lauren Kramer. This month's topic, extending 
shelf life on the processing line, shows how processors are 
using the latest technology to get quality seafood products 
to their customers. From dips to sprays to high tech 
machines to ozonated water, Kramer discusses the various methods that processors are employing to produce safe 
seafood and promise a lengthy shelf life.

There is another change at SeaFood Business , but it's not 
to the printed magazine. Over the past few years many readers have expressed an interest in receiving news stories more often than monthly. I'm pleased to announce the launch of Seafood Currents , an online news service that 
delivers stories to your e-mail inbox on Mondays, 
Wednesdays and Fridays. We're providing news stories and commentary written by the SFB editors - and it's free! We'll never charge you for news that helps you buy and 
sell seafood. Visit our Web site, www.seafoodbusiness.com, and click on the Seafood Currents icon to subscribe.

A pivotal person in the launch of this product has been April Forristall, who joined the magazine in early January as editorial assistant. Within days of receiving the software to run Seafood Currents , April had mastered the program and was eager to move on to the next challenge. I look forward to teaching her the ins and outs of the seafood industry and how vibrant it can be.


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