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Editor's Note: Charting a course for success

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By Fiona Robinson, Editor in Chief
December 01, 2007

Many magazines take the December issue to review the year's ups and downs. But instead of giving 
a cursory reminder of the goings-on from 2007, SeaFood Business is charting a course for the future. Throughout this issue you'll find examples of businesses or individuals planning ahead. I'm not talking about retirement succession plans (although if that's what you need you can refer back to SFB Sept. '07, p. 40), but business acumen that keeps companies on track where others may fall behind.

The first example of this is the Top Story, "Great expectations," a must-read for buyers struggling with decisions for 2008. Associate Editor Steven Hedlund interviewed four of the industry's top buyers to gauge where they stand on seafood purchases for next year and beyond. The good news is that despite hurdles like increased fuel costs and consumer concerns over the safety of imports, buyers are optimistic about future seafood sales. Turn to p. 24 for Hedlund's full report.

A handful of news stories involve astute planning in other aspects, including Ruth's Chris buying Mitchell's Fish Market and Wegmans adopting a sustainable shrimp-purchasing policy (both on p. 8), and Contessa unveiling its Green Cuisine manufacturing plant that's certified as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design facility (p. 10).

Distributors charting their future need look no further than the Distributor Survey on p. 26. This biennial report gives distributors a benchmark to compare their own successes and pinpoint possible areas for improvement.

Planning ahead isn't just for businesses; it's an important part of everyday life for anyone working 
9 to 5. Some consumers are organizing an entire week's meals at one of the many meal-preparation centers popping up across the country. Contributing Editor Lauren Kramer in this month's Trend Watch feature, "Meals made easy," on p. 44, sheds light on this fast-growing industry that is taking 
the franchise world by storm - and has potential for increased seafood purchases in the future. If you're a retailer you won't want to miss this month's Case Study feature "Fast feedback," on p. 46, which discusses the use of category management tools at the supermarket seafood counter, by Contributing Editor Lisa Duchene.

After 10 years with SFB I've learned making projections about the future is risky. But armed with the right information and foresight, a business can go from day-to-day planning to charting the next decade.

As always, your feedback is welcome. E-mail me at frobinson@divcom.com and share your tips for future success.


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