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Editor's Note: Change is in the air

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By Fiona Robinson, Editor in Chief
May 01, 2008

When this issue went to press the 3-foot snow pack in my front yard had finally melted and the tulip shoots had just broken through the dirt. After an unusually long Maine winter, I relish these little signs - a subtle reminder of change to come.

Several examples of change can be found in these pages of SeaFood Business . A few articles mention the farmed salmon industry, which is engulfed in a PR battle due to misinformation in the press about farming practices. Peter Redmayne's p. 12 column summarizes the salmon industry's evolution with regard to the struggle. This column, combined with a p. 8 news story about farmed salmon coverage in the New York Times and a p. 34 feature on the product in the Top 10 Species column, details the mountain of change the farmed salmon industry faces.

You'll also read on p. 40 about the rebirth of Rockin' Baja Lobster as Rockin' Baja Coastal Cantina. Joan Lang's In the Kitchen column describes the chain's overhaul, including a retooled menu, new tagline and streamlined kitchen procedures, which made its public debut in mid-April.

Yet another transformation can be found in this issue's Trend Watch column on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's focus on sodium levels in food. From trans fats last year to salt today, the consumer's focus on healthful foods continues to change direction.

Change isn't limited to this issue. SeaFood Business has published the Seafood Currents e-mail newsletter three times a week for more than a year and readership has grown steadily in that time. In April we launched the next generation of Seafood Currents , called SeafoodSource News . The upgrade includes international seafood industry news, and the frequency is now five days a week. To subscribe, go to seafoodsource.com and click on the "Subscribe to Seafood News via e-mail" link.

Currents began publishing in January to www.seafoodsource.com, a Web site developed by SeaFood Business parent company Diversified Business Communications and technology partner BDMetrics. In addition to news from the SeaFood Business editors and global sources, SeafoodSource is a purchasing tool for the global seafood industry where users can get everything from supplier product information to magazine articles to species information from the Seafood Handbook .

The name, design and content of the newsletter have changed, but our commitment to delivering timely news you can use in your daily business remains the same. And, as with Seafood Currents , we won't charge you for SeafoodSource News . There aren't many things left in life that are free.


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