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Editor’s Note: New Year, new SeaFood Business

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By Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher, Editor
January 01, 2010

The onset of 2010 brings several changes at SeaFood Business . Before you even crack open this issue, the first thing you'll notice is the size. Similar to how the seafood industry has changed its sourcing practices to meet sustainability standards, we need to mirror what is happening in the publishing industry. Our change in size alone will save 40,128 pounds of paper annually.

The Internet has changed how magazines gather news and what they deliver. We're enlisting the help of our sister product, SeafoodSource.com, to help us deliver the news. We've compiled the most relevant, timely stories for our readers because we know your time is limited. The News Recap section is followed by Media Watch on p. 10, an analysis of mainstream media coverage of the seafood industry by April Forristall, SeafoodSource assistant editor. You'll find Throw Backs on p. 12, a historical look at the news that many of our seasoned readers will appreciate.

A new Business Trends feature can be found on p. 36, which is designed to keep you updated on everyday matters that impact your company, such as the H1N1 virus.

Another new feature is Think Tank, which brings you topics that are in the R&D phase but may impact your seafood purchases in the future, such as this issue's alternatives for fishmeal in fish feed.

We've also brought back our Point of View column, an opinion piece that anyone can contribute to. Turn to p. 5 to read Melanie Siggs' take on how the Marine Stewardship Council is in a constant firestorm from critics. Hit the keyboard and e-mail me your opinion piece at frobinson@divcom.co m .

You'll find even more opinions in our Net Working column on p. 48. Associate Editor James Wright catches up with the outspoken Dave Pasternack from Esca, an interview you don't want to miss. Another new feature is By the Numbers, a look at some of the numerical trends in the industry.

The magazine's seasoned editorial staff and contributors deliver analysis that is unrivaled in the seafood industry. I am certain you will find these changes helpful in the New Year, and you'll see even more changes unveiled in the February issue.

Happy New Year!


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