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Editors' Note: Sustainability--the consumer vantage point

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By Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher, Editor
February 01, 2010

We know consumer awareness of eco-labeled seafood is rising, thanks in part to research 
by a variety of groups, such as the University of Rhode Island's Sustainable Seafood Initiative. An interview on SeafoodSource.com last month with Dr. Cathy Roheim, the institute's director, discussed certified-sustainable seafood (find the two-part interview on the Web site with key word search: "Roheim").

The industry assumption has been that, up until now, the drive toward sustainable fisheries and products is due to corporate social responsibility. In other words, the average consumer isn't screaming at his/her local seafood store or restaurant about their seafood purchasing habits (Whole Foods Market customers excluded).

SeaFood Business publisher Diversified Business Communications has partnered with 
the Perishables Group to get a better understanding of consumer attitudes regarding sustainable seafood. What does sustainable seafood mean to them? This question and 
others will be posed to a panel of 1,000 consumers nationwide.

If you're interested in the results of this survey, attend the SFB Summit: Consumer Insights on Sustainable Seafood, during next month's International Boston Seafood Show. Time and location can be found in this issue's show preview on p. 26.

For readers not attending the show, a summary of the results will be published in the June issue. In addition, a SeafoodSource webinar on the topic will be held after the show, 
so look for a date in the March issue or on SeafoodSource.com.

Writing about seafood can be challenging, and SFB prides itself on its writers' experience. New this issue we've added staff and contributing writer/editor biographies; see p. 4 to match a face with a byline.



We have resumed the Point of View column to get feedback from readers on a particular issue. You can read this issue's column by Kevin Begos, director of the Franklin County Oyster & Seafood Task Force in Apalachicola, Fla. Forward your column to frobinson@divcom.com. I eagerly await your submission!


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