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Editor's Note: We’re dedicated to seafood buyers

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By Fiona Robinson, Editor in Chief
May 01, 2009

As is the case with any magazine or other media, we often only hear from readers if they dislike what is written. So I get excited when the magazine commissions a readership survey - typically every other year - the results of which we received in February.

The survey gives a general gauge of how the magazine is doing, and I'm pleased to report readers are very happy with the magazine. In this survey, 90 percent of SeaFood Business readers rated the magazine as "good" or "excellent." Aspects of the magazine that got high marks included relevance of editorial, timeliness of information, quality of advertisements and usefulness of the magazine.

Articles like this issue's Top Story on the Top 25 seafood suppliers is a perfect example of information that our readers want. Researching this list hasn't gotten any easier after 10 years (Hint: Please return our requests for information so we can produce an accurate list!), but it's features like this that our readers have come to expect.

Almost all of the magazine's readers are involved in or influence seafood purchasing decisions for their businesses, and three out of four readers use SeaFood Business to help make their purchasing decisions. We are committed to delivering the most relevant, timely information for seafood buyers to help them make those important purchases.

A lot of hard work by many people, from sales to production to editorial to design, goes into each issue: It's gratifying to see that readers highly value what we work so hard to produce. I consider myself lucky that the people we interview - the "salt" of the industry - have a lot of character. As always, I look forward to reading your feedback, which can be e-mailed to frobinson@divcom.com.


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