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News Line: BOI dubs barramundi a ‘best choice’

Australis fish ranks atop all three purchasing guides

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- Steven Hedlund
January 01, 2009

Australis Aquaculture's U.S.-farmed barramundi has been added to the Blue Ocean Institute's "best choices" list of seafood species farmed or caught in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, the Turners Falls, Mass., company announced in November.

Australis barramundi is now listed as a best choice in the top three consumer seafood-purchasing guides - the BOI's Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood, Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch and Environmental Defense's Seafood Selector - one of less than 30 seafood species to do so.

BOI lists Alaska salmon, pink shrimp and pole- and troll-caught mahimahi as best choices; it advises consumers to avoid eating farmed salmon, Atlantic cod and Chilean sea bass, among other species.

"This achievement recognizes Australis' commitment to sustainability as the cornerstone of our brand and reinforces our mission to be the standard bearer for healthy, delicious and responsibly raised seafood," says Australis Managing Director Josh Goldman, a pioneer of closed-containment aquaculture.

Adds Alan Duckworth, Ph.D., research scientist at the BOI, "Australis' [U.S.] farming operation appears to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment, efficient conversion of 'food to fish' and an innovative closed re-circulating system that recycles water, prevents fish escapes and disease and reduces waste. Plus, chemicals like antibiotics or hormones are never used, so it's a very clean fish. It really resolves all of the environmental issues in a major way." - S.H.


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