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Editor's Note: Getting social

By Fiona Robinson, Editor in Chief
August 01, 2009

I knew our readers had finally caught onto technology and online social networking when I received story ideas from Twitter and LinkedIn direct messages, e-mail and a text message.

While buyers can't see or smell a fish via Twitter, they can easily find out what seafood is being harvested, and where, in a matter of seconds. This issue's Top Story, Working the Web by Joanne Friedrick, shows how the social networking trend is working its way into the industry. Retailers, restaurants, distributors and others are finding that online social media helps expand their marketing audience faster than
any other medium.

While critics, myself included, once laughed at the idea of sharing 140-character answers to "What are 
you doing?" with a bunch of "followers" (sounds eerily like the plot of a few sci-fi flicks), once you're connected it's addictive. 
I'm eager to hear how online social networks have helped your business. Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/SeaFoodBusiness, and www.twitter.com/SeafoodSource.



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