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Editor's Note: Is this spring?

Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher / Editor
By Fiona Robinson
April 01, 2014

The arrival of April is typically received with open arms in our office, for in normal years the snow is melting and the mud is slowly replaced by grass. This year is not normal. Casting weather aside, the beginning of the month is catch-up time after returning from Seafood Expo North America in Boston. A lot of our year-round coverage is drawn from discussions at the expo (check out the photo recap on page 42), products that have been sampled and conversations with old friends and new readers. 

Many of those new readers are considered millennials, which is the focus of this issue’s Top Story, Talkin’ Bout My Generation. Contributing Editor Christine Blank looks at the production and marketing aspects that seafood companies, restaurants and retailers will have to factor into business plans if they’re going to have success selling to this age group. The story also considers baby boomers’ growing appetite for seafood, and as more consumers reach retirement age they’ll have more time to cook seafood at home and eat out at restaurants. 

Species that have suitable supply and prices for R&D to reach millennials and boomers alike are farmed salmon and wild pink salmon. This issue’s Top Species on farmed salmon gives an indication of some of the brand building that farmed salmon suppliers are undertaking to set their products apart. Marine Harvest, Skuna Bay and Verlasso are just a few of the companies working on brand rollouts with farmed salmon products. If the high volume of products rolled out at the Boston expo is an indicator of the market at large, there is a lot of competition out there.

The Special Feature discusses how the large pink salmon harvest of 2013 has opened the door for more product innovation, including salmon burgers and canned salmon. These are yet more examples of products that could be geared toward the millennial and boomer generations. Are your products properly developed and marketed to reach these consumers?


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