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Trade Tracker: China accounts for 15 percent of U.S. imports

Pink salmon dominates U.S. exports to China

February 01, 2014

The United States and China have a longstanding relationship with seafood trade that has steadily grown over the past five years. China accounts for nearly 15 percent  of U.S. seafood imports and is the second-largest destination for U.S. seafood exports. In 2013, (January through November) the United States purchased almost $2.4 billion worth of seafood from China. As of November 2013, seafood imports from China were down 2 percent from the same period in 2012, but since 2007 imports have bumped up about 30 percent. The largest trade month of the year for imports from China is January, which is the peak month for some of the top-traded products. 

The top species from China are tilapia, cod, shrimp and salmon. Tilapia accounts for 24 percent  of Chinese seafood imports with total values reaching $554 million. Cod is the second-largest import and accounts for 6 percent of seafood imports from China with values around $134 million. 

The top U.S. ports handling 66 percent of Chinese seafood imports are Los Angeles, Newark, N.J./New York and Boston.

Top U.S. exports of seafood to China include pink salmon, cod, yellowfin sole and geoduck clams. Pink salmon exports to China doubled in 2013 and are the top export to the nation, valued at about $137 million so far. The majority of geoduck is exported from the Port of Seattle, close to where this species is raised. Combined, China and Hong Kong consume more than 85 percent of geoduck exports worth more than $60 million in 2013. Other top ports exporting seafood to China include Anchorage, Alaska; Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

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