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Trade Tracker: Frozen tilapia reaches $776 million

China the top exporter to the U.S. market

May 01, 2013

The United States imports an average of $75 million worth of tilapia every month, weighing in at nearly 15 million kilograms Kg. Imports peaked in January at $95 million and then recently dropped to about $75 million in February. 

Roughly 80 percent of the imports are frozen fillets and the remaining 20 percent are mostly in the fresh or chilled form. Only a small percentage of tilapia imports arrive as whole fish. The top country of origin for tilapia imports is China. Other top countries supplying the United States with tilapia are located in Southeast Asia and Central/South America, mainly Indonesia and Honduras. 

Recent figures show that the cost of importing tilapia is actually cheaper than last year. The price in February of this year was $4 per kg., whereas in February 2012 this figure was up to $4.17. That’s big savings when you’re importing 15 million kg. each month. As the price has gone down, the amount of imports has gone up. 

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