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Editor's Note: Salmon: It’s on the plate

Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher / Editor
By Fiona Robinson
May 01, 2013

Welcome to our unofficial farmed salmon issue; you’ll see the fish mentioned in a variety of features. An overview of the farmed salmon supply and market trends can be found in the Top Species feature (page 28 of our digital edition). In the U.S. market, suppliers are focused on branding to get a foot in the door with potential buyers. Skuna Bay, Black Pearl, Marine Harvest, Verlasso, Cooke Aquaculture and many others are all jockeying for position in a competitive market. Branding the salmon with a story to grab buyers’ attention is clearly making inroads.

Our monthly Retail Report column from Nielsen Perishables Group (page 16 of our digital edition) delves into salmon data from the fish counter. It’s interesting to see that promotional volume accounted for approximately one-quarter of total supermarket salmon sales in 2012. Please note the data NPG receives includes all salmon, both farmed and wild.  

Right before we went to press the news broke of Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) resurfacing at two Chilean salmon farms. An update on that situation can be found in the News section (page 12 of our digital edition). Buyers regularly deal with the ups and downs of supply issues, and this is just one to add to the list. ISA can’t be fully eradicated from a farm site, so this surely won’t be the last we hear about the problem. 

The latest farmed salmon to enter my kitchen at home was Ōra king salmon from New Zealand. Pan-roasted with just a hint of seasoning, it melted like butter in the mouth and was the perfect introduction to this particular fish. I hope you get to enjoy a similar salmon meal occasion in the near future, whether it’s farmed or wild. 


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