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Trade Tracker: Shrimp is No. 1

Product category comprises more than one quarter total seafood imports

March 01, 2013

In 2012 the United States imported more than $12.6 billion worth of seafood, ranging from frozen fish fillets to live lobster. Of all the seafood imported to the U.S. market, shrimp takes the No. 1 spot by a landslide. In fact, nearly 28 percent of all seafood imported is either frozen or fresh shrimp/prawns, which equated to more than $3.5 billion in 2012. 

The seasonal trend of shrimp imports shows a rise in the second half of the year, as consumption increases during the holiday season. Roughly 20 percent of frozen shrimp is imported from Thailand, followed by Indonesia and Ecuador. 

On the fresh shrimp side, more than half of the imports originate in India, followed by China and Thailand. 

China is a main source of seafood destined for the United States, second only to Canada. Among a large variety of seafood products, the top seafood imports coming from China include tilapia, Pacific salmon and cod. 

The overall price per kilogram of vessel imports from China was $4.04 in 2012, down from $4.11 the previous year. 

The United States may see more seafood imports from China in 2013 if prices stay similar to last year. 

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