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Editor's Note: Leaving a legacy

Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher / Editor
By Fiona Robinson
March 01, 2013

Great leaders don’t come along every day, so when one passes it sends shockwaves through the industry, and now is one of those times. Last month family and friends mourned the death of Mike Voisin, CEO and owner of Motivatit Seafoods in Houma, La. (see News Recap of ePub). 

Mike was a quiet guy, which was typically because he was in deep thought. He was a man of conviction, but accepted others for who they were and what they believed in. His obituary describes him as a “loving, dedicated, loyal, honest, fair and kind-hearted man”; I witnessed all of that and more.

Many looked to Mike as a mentor, first as an oysterman, and then as someone to turn to for leadership when natural and man-made disasters repeatedly pummeled the Gulf of Mexico. It became commonplace to see him interviewed on CNN or NPR discussing the state of the seafood industry and the natural bounty the Gulf has to offer. He brought a calm voice to an industry that’s sometimes best known for its “spirited” characters.

Several years ago after attending a National Fisheries Institute conference in New Orleans I ventured farther south to Houma to go fishing with Mike’s son, Kevin, and his family. Mike and his wife, Sarah, graciously drove me to Houma and I had the privilege of staying at their house. It was obvious to me that Mike was not just a great leader, but also a great family man who cherished everything in life. My thoughts are with the Voisin family and his extended network of friends across the nation.

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