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Retail Report: Shrimp sales eke out an increase

Southern region a bright spot with greatest increase in weekly sales

by Staff Reporter
January 01, 2013

As one of the most versatile species in the seafood department, shrimp maintained a strong grip on its dollar share during the 52 weeks ending Sept. 29, 2012, and averaged weekly sales of $1,788 per store, up 2.9 percent from the previous year. Nationally, shrimp contributed 27.5 percent to seafood department sales. The shrimp category includes both raw and cooked product, with raw accounting for 51.3 percent of total weekly shrimp dollars per store.

The highest average weekly shrimp sales were in the East at $2,528 per store, an increase of 2.7 percent. The South had the greatest increase in average weekly shrimp sales per store compared to the prior year, up 4.9 percent to $1,856. The West sold $1,416 per store per week, posting the only decrease in sales with a 1.5 percent loss. The Central region held a slight advantage over the West with a weekly average of $1,426 per store, up 3 percent from the previous year, while maintaining the lowest contribution to department sales at 25.2 percent.

Shrimp had the largest dollar contribution to the department in the South, at 29.1 percent. The Western region followed with a 28 percent dollar contribution to the department. While the Eastern region had the highest average sales, the shrimp category contributed 25.7 percent to seafood department dollars, the second-lowest region, due to the popularity of mollusks in the East. 

Shrimp sales peaked during holiday weeks such as Christmas and Easter, when home cooking and entertaining took precedence. Shrimp dollar sales were highest the week of Christmas, at $3,276 per store. Promos were also highest during this week, as 46.3 percent of shrimp were sold while on promotion. The week of Christmas also had the highest number of circular ads for shrimp. However, promotional pricing peaked above the everyday price during this week, implying that more expensive items, such as Texas Gulf shrimp or 4-pound cooked shrimp, were promoted more than less expensive items.  

The week of Thanksgiving also had higher promotional pricing than everyday pricing, as stores likely appealed to shoppers with higher-priced shrimp options for their holiday entertaining.  

Regionally, retailers sold more shrimp on promotion in the East, where 30.4 percent of volume sales were sold on promotion. This was an increase of 2.3 percentage points versus the previous year, even though ad count decreased slightly by half a percentage point. The West followed close behind the East, with 29.7 percent of volume sold on promotion, a decrease of 3.1 points compared to the prior year. Interestingly, the West was the only region to increase ad count from the previous year, up 7.6 percent in the latest 52-week period, which also drove the national ad count up 2.1 percent. The South sold 26.8 percent of shrimp volume on promotion, down 2.4 points from the previous year, with ad count decreasing slightly (0.7 percent). In the Central region, promotional performance was most proportional to the decrease in ad count, with volume sold on promotion down 2.1 percentage points to 25.4 percent of total volume, as ad count decreased 1.9 percent.

This sales review is provided by Nielsen Perishables Group. Based in Chicago, Nielsen Perishables Group specializes in measurement, analytics, marketing communications, category development, promotional best practices and shopper insights. Reported results are for Oct. 1, 2011, through Sept. 29, 2012. Results were compiled from key U.S. grocery, mass/supercenter and club chains, including 17,000 stores nationwide. For more information, contact Kelli Beckel at the Perishables Group: (773) 929-7013; kelli.beckel@nielsen.com.

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