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Editor's Note: Bluefin biopic

Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher / Editor
by Fiona Robinson
January 01, 2013

Bluefin tuna is recognized around the world as the ultimate in culinary luxury. But to some it’s a sustainability nightmare akin to hunting the lions of the Serengeti. This issue’s Top Story, by Senior Editor James Wright, highlights the conundrum facing buyers when it comes to whether or not to sell the species. 

I attended a seminar at the Vancouver Seafood Summit in 2011 and got an overview of the challenges facing this giant fish, which has three distinct populations worldwide that struggles under mismanagement by fishermen and politicians. Jamie interviewed folks who show optimism that management changes are slowly happening. Some white-tablecloth chefs have taken a stand against serving bluefin, but it will clearly take time to turn around management of a species that has had a huge black market trade.  

A comment that rang true in Vancouver and remains with me today is that fisheries managers lack the political will to make drastic cuts to harvest quotas necessary to rebuild the bluefin population. How do you teach someone to have political will?

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