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Trade Tracker: O Canada

Lobster trade depends on northern neighbors

June 05, 2012

This month’s Trade Tracker focuses on U.S. imports and exports of lobsters, Homarus americanus and Panulirus spp. The United States imported more than $900 million worth of lobsters in 2011, up from $870 million in 2010. The month of December typically exhibits a spike in lobster imports, just in time for holiday celebrations. Roughly 70 percent percent of all U.S. lobster imports originate in Canada, followed by 7 percent from Brazil and 5 percent from Honduras. 

On the export side, the highest figures are seen in the summer and fall months. The U.S. exported roughly $500 million worth of lobster in 2011, up 23 percent from 2010. About 44 percent of the exports isdestined for Canada (including live product from Maine shipped across the border for processing), while 12 percent are headed to Italy and 11 percent to Spain. Live lobsters are shipped by air freight in order to ensure freshness. 

It is clear that Canada is a big player in the U.S. lobster trade, both as a source and destination. Lobster, however, is not the top seafood product imported into the United States from Canada; it trails farmed Atlantic salmon and is second on the list for 2012. Furthermore, the top U.S. seafood exports to Canada are crabs and Pacific and Atlantic salmon.

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