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Trade Tracker: Tilapia prices increase

Shrimp, swordfish, tuna are other top products from Ecuador

April 05, 2012

Fresh and frozen tilapia accounts for about 6.5 percent of all U.S. seafood imports. Nearly 70 percent of U.S. tilapia imports are from China, followed by Honduras and Indonesia. The top five tilapia importers in 2011 were Beaver Street Fisheries, Grobest USA, The Fishin’ Co., Expack Seafood and Regal Springs. 

The price per kilogram of vessel imports of tilapia was at $3.76 in 2011, up from $3.30 in 2010. 

Imports of frozen tilapia fillets increased slightly in 2011 and fresh imports decreased slightly; this resulted in overall tilapia imports remaining flat in 2011 compared to 2010 figures. Seasonal tilapia import trends for the past five years typically show imports are highest in the winter months, peaking in December and January.  

In addition to China, Honduras and Indonesia, Ecuador also plays an important role in the industry, supplying the U.S. market with about 6 percent of its tilapia products. Other seafood products from Ecuador include shrimp, swordfish and tuna. Tilapia imports from Ecuador in 2011 were actually at a five-year low, dipping about 1 percent from 2010.

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