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Editor's Note: Useful technology, or gadget geek magnet?

Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher/Editor
Fiona Robinson
February 05, 2012

Wherever you go these days it’s likely you’re surrounded by technology that enables you to get work done anywhere, whether it’s an e-reader, smartphone, tablet, hand-held barcode scanner or some other device.

When it comes to working in the kitchen, two technological advances are finding more and more loyal users. Although Cvap and sous-vide have been around for years, the slow-cooking methods have yet to make major inroads in the foodservice industry beyond the kitchens at such upscale restaurants as Wylie Dufresne’s WD-50 in New York and Michael Cimarusti’s Providence in Los Angeles.

Contributing Editor Steve Coomes reviewed the use of both technologies in this issue’s Top Story, Take a Bath. Chefs are using Cvap and sous vide to retain moisture and enhance the flavors of certain seafood species. These appliances are capable of holding seafood at a desired temperature for hours without overcooking, a benefit for kitchens in a wide range of dining categories. Cvap and sous vide can cook seafood so it melts in your mouth like butter. When interviewing chefs and manufacturers for the story, Coomes discovered that a lot of industry education needs to be conducted before these tools go mainstream.

Are you using one or both technologies in your kitchen? Or is there another big or small device that you find indispensable? Or have you been waiting for years for someone to develop a kitchen gadget or machine that would make your job easier?

The people on the SFB editorial advisory board are helping us move forward. It’s my pleasure to welcome several new members: Jim Wallace of C&S Wholesale Grocers in Hatfield, Mass., Roger Bing of Darden Restaurants in Orlando, Fla., and Jack Gridley of Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton, Ohio. These advisors play an important role by giving regular feedback to the editors. We look forward to working with them!   

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