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Trade Tracker: Salmon imports drop

Frozen fish fillet exports skyrocket

January 05, 2012

Seafood is a global market, and nowhere is that more evident than in import and export statistics. This new monthly column examines species and groups of products brought into and exported from the United States. The following are highlights of seafood cargo movement through November:

From January through November of 2011, U.S. seafood imports were down 1.24 percent compared to the same time frame in 2010 (measured in 20-foot equivalent units, or TEUs, a measure used for capacity in container transportation).

October of 2011 posted the highest volume of seafood imports in nearly one year, reaching almost 20,400 TEUs.

Of the top 10 seafood product exports, only two (live lobsters and frozen Pacific salmon, see list) posted decreases in October of 2011 (compared to October of 2010).

Non-seafood cargo shipments showed imports from China decreased for the third consecutive month, while imports from Indonesia increased for the second consecutive month.

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