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Editor's Note: Words to plan by

Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher/Editor
Fiona Robinson
January 05, 2012

January is the perfect time to assess your business and take stock of any improvements that could be made for the new year. There are several columns and features in this issue that pinpoint potential improvements to consider. Chuck Anderson has several recommendations for retailers in his Point of View column this month. He recommends retailers highlight ready-to-cook seafood products for consumers looking to fulfill healthful New Year’s resolutions.

Some retailers take this time of year to review their product mix. The Winn-Dixie supermarket chain is preparing seafood in-store for its customers, while independent Casey’s Market has added items like stuffed salmon and tilapia (see What’s in Store).

Meanwhile, some businesses are turning to non-traditional financing options like Slow Money to get their seafood products off the ground. This month’s Business Trends feature discusses a seafood connection that is being developed with help from the Maine chapter of Slow Money.

Upgrading software systems is a priority for some companies in the new year. A variety of software options are outlined in this issue’s Special Feature. Companies that need to track a product’s traceability or make warehouse records more mobile have a host of options at their fingertips these days.

SeaFood Business is trying to make your planning a little easier by updating the editorial lineup to reflect the globalization of the U.S. seafood supply. The Market Report section has been adjusted to add more reports from outside the United States, including South America, Asia and Europe. We’ve also added a new column, Trade Tracker, to show the volume and variety of U.S. seafood imports and exports. This information is provided to our readers courtesy of the Zepol Corp.; look for future columns with reports on imports from specific regions, such as China. Look for more changes in the coming months that address the needs of seafood buyers around the globe.

I wish a happy, healthy New Year to all of our readers.

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