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Publisher's Note: Rising to change

Mary Larkin, Publisher
Mary Larkin, Publisher
October 01, 2009

While seafood buyers have timelines for moving product in and out the door, the magazine industry has its own set of deadlines that advertisers can surely attest to. For the past decade, the final voice on any SeaFood Business issue has been Publisher Bill Springer. With this issue, Bill hands the publisher reins to me as he explores another set of deadlines in the technology division of parent company Diversified Business Communications. We wish him the best of luck as he explores the vagaries of hardware, software and server

Some readers may have already met me at one of the seafood shows that Diversified produces worldwide. I’ve worked at Diversifed for more than 14 years and also hold the title of VP of seafood expositions. With the printing of this issue, SFB is now a part of the overall Diversified seafood team bringing together the magazine, SeafoodSource.com and the trade show group under one leadership team. With all of the seafood products in one group, we aim to strengthen the global market coverage for the audience with print, online and face-to-face marketing through events such as the International Boston Seafood Show/Seafood Processing America and the European Seafood Exposition and Seafood Processing Europe.

As part of these changes, Fiona Robinson has taken on the role of associate publisher and editor. Readers who have come to know the editorial staff know they work hard to represent the seafood buyer’s best interests in all of the magazine’s coverage. Fiona has overseen this coverage for 11 years and will continue to do so in her new position.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about the magazine and the rest of the seafood products at Diversified. Please e-mail me your feedback at mlarkin@divcom.com.

Best regards,

Mary Larkin, Publisher

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