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Retail Report: Scallop sales decline

Retail seafood prices increase, dollars and volume drop

July 05, 2011

Department sales have been hit hard with rising prices, with the average retail seafood price increasing 3.5 percent in the 52 weeks ending March 26, 2011, compared to the previous year, driving down dollars 2 percent and volume down 5.3 percent.

Trends in the scallop subcategory followed the overall department trends. Nationally, pricing on scallops increased 10.8 percent from the previous year, the largest increase in average retail price in the mollusk category, which includes clams, mussels, octopus/squid, oysters, snails and scallops.

Scallops contributed 2.7 percent to the seafood department’s total dollar sales in the latest 52 weeks, and accounted for 56.6 percent of all mollusk sales. Weekly scallop sales averaged $169 per store, down 5.2 percent from the prior year.

The highest average weekly scallop sales were in the East at $422 per store, down 6.9 percent from the prior year. The East also had the highest contribution (4.3 percent) to the seafood department compared to the other regions. Only the West region increased scallops’ average weekly store sales from the prior year, up 1.2 percent to $107 per store.

The Central region had the lowest weekly dollar contribution to the department at 2 percent, and sold $110 per store. The South region decreased scallop dollars the most, down 8.3 percent to $114. Scallops in both the West and South regions contributed 2.1 percent to their respective seafood department dollars.

Holiday festivities helped keep sales on par with the previous year during the week of Dec. 25, 2010, peaking at $304 per store, the sales peak for the year. Scallop sales during May and June 2010 outpaced the previous year, as average retail prices declined compared to the same weeks in 2009. However, rising prices for the remaining weeks deterred sales across the nation.

Interestingly, the spikes in sales correlated with price jumps, unlike in 2009 when sales peaked due to lower pricing. For example, sales during the week of Nov. 6, 2010, hit $192 per store and average retail price was $11.73, compared to the previous year at $138 with an average retail price of $7.58.



This sales review is provided by Perishables Group, an independent consulting firm in Chicago focused on innovation and creating value for clients in the fresh food industry. Reported results are for April 3, 2010, through March 26, 2011, compiled from grocery stores nationwide, representing 63.1 percent of national supermarket ACV share. Sales data provided by Perishables Group FreshFacts® powered by Nielsen.

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