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Editor's Note: Ode to the concrete jungle

Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher / Editor
By Fiona Robinson
November 01, 2013

Occasionally we get to the end of a production cycle for an issue of the magazine and trends begin to emerge. Whether planned or coincidental, the (happenstance) theme of this issue is undoubtedly “New York.”

This issue’s Top Story by Senior Editor James Wright is a day-in-the-life of a seafood buyer at the world-famous Fulton Fish Market. It was a great opportunity to feature the market and the changes from the old location on South Street in Manhattan to its new digs on Hunts Point in the Bronx. In the wee hours of the morning (or late at night, depending upon how you look at it) Jamie tagged along with Roberto Nuñez to see the ins and outs of buying seafood for some of New York’s upscale restaurants. This is a step away from our traditional cover story, but I know you will enjoy reading the behind-the-scenes narrative as much as I did.  

The other two New York-related features, What’s in Store and Special Feature, have a secondary theme of crowd-sourcing. Also known as crowd-funding and crowd-sourced fundraising, the largely Internet-based concept is where individuals invest in a collective effort to support activities, drum up disaster relief or, in the case of our two features, to help fund a startup business. 

Mermaid’s Garden in Brooklyn has a Kickstarter campaign to help launch its retail store in Prospect Heights and Maiden Lane in Manhattan’s East Village has a campaign on Indiegogo to help jumpstart its restaurant concept based on canned seafood. Banks have always considered seafood-related businesses a risky venture, so crowdfunding seems like a novel way to connect with others who share a passion and a desire to fund the future of small seafood businesses.

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