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Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher/Editor
Fiona Robinson, Associate Publisher/Editor
May 05, 2011

Eric Blair, better known by his pen name George Orwell, once said “Good writing is like a windowpane.” The windowpane to the economic vitality of the seafood industry can be found in this issue’s Top Seafood Suppliers feature, the annual benchmark of how the industry is doing. It won’t surprise anyone that the recession has put a crimp in sales for all companies. We’ve been compiling the list for 12 years, and it probably hasn’t been this difficult to get information since it was launched. Some things have gotten easier, but the recession has certainly made companies skittish about sharing business information. Click here to see how Associate Editor James Wright analyzes the common denominator among the companies that seem to be weathering the storm O.K.

We realize the economy has put a burden on all companies, and SeaFood Business constantly looks for different ways to analyze the stories that are most relevant for your business. A few months ago we asked a random sample of our readers to take part in our biennial readership survey, which gives us a barometer of how we’re doing. I’m happy to report that 95 percent of SeaFood Business readers rate the magazine overall as “good” to “excellent.” Thank you to everyone who took the time to share insights on different aspects of the magazine. Two lucky respondents were rewarded $100 American Express gift cards for their participation: Chris Caler of Dennis Paper & Foodservice in Bangor, Maine, and Jay Groff of Miller’s Smorgasbord in Lancaster, Pa. Congratulations!

This survey is a good reminder of how readers use magazines and print publications in general. Despite the hardship of the economy and the prevalence of information on the Internet, people regularly read print magazines. According to the Association of Magazine Media’s The Power of Print campaign, magazine readers spend an average of 43 minutes reading each issue. In addition, magazines deliver more ad impressions than TV or the Web in a half-hour period. We hope you continue reading — and enjoying — SeaFood Business for many years to come.

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