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Seafood buyers have turned to SeaFood Business as North America's leading trade magazine for more than 25 years. SeaFood Business is written and edited for seafood buyers for restaurants, supermarkets, processors and distributors. SeaFood Business provides important, timely editorial features to help seafood buyers with their purchasing decisions and is published monthly from Portland, Maine.

Feature stories cover marketing and production trends, seafood prices and supplies, new products and technology, industry leader profiles, new sources of supply and more. SeaFood Business is committed to providing well-researched information in a lively and readable format, identifying trends and anticipating the impact they will have on the market, and creating a forum for effective communication between seafood buyers and sellers.

With a qualified circulation of over 15,000, SeaFood Business is the only seafood magazine in the industry with 100% of its subscribers requesting it. Fully 95% are seafood buyers who are decision-makers in purchasing for restaurants, supermakets, processing and distribution.

General Information

Published by Diversified Business Communications, Portland, Maine, SeaFood Business owns and co-produces the International Boston Seafood Show, the European Seafood Exposition, and . Diversified Business Communications also publishes National Fisherman and WorkBoat, and produces the Pacific Marine Expo and the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans.

Publication Information

BPA LogoPublication Frequency: Published monthly.
Circulation: National distribution, controlled, audited circulation.
Audit Member, BPA International.


Publisher: Mary Larkin 

Associate Publisher, Editor: Fiona Robinson
Associate Editor:
James Wright  
Assistant Editor: Melissa Wood

Art Director: Laura Lee Dobson     

Sales Manager: Sue Kogan    
Sales Manager: Marjorie Ferris 

Advertising Coordinator: Wendy Jalbert  

Classified Advertising: Wes Doane  

Production Director: Randy LeShane   

Diversified Business Communications
121 Free Street
P.O. Box 7437
Portland, Maine 04112-7437
Tel: 207-842-5500
Fax: 207-842-5503



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